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Jake: Here’s what I had done yesterday starting my whole chest tribute to my mother Carolyn who unexpectedly passed away on January 18th. This was a photo from 1976 on her wedding day, one of the many happiest moments of her life. To be continued this Saturday.. 

apparently, Carolyn by Black Veil Brides is in fact about Jake’s mom! 

 Yes. Back when in 2010 when Carolyn was very sick Jake was very upset because he watched his mom suffer and he couldn’t do anything about it. Andy took Jake’s story and put his own perspective on it. Andy said, “Like anything in life, if there’s a situation where you see something terrible is happening and you can’t necessarily stop it, the least you can do is promise you’re going to be there for the person who’s being affected by it. That’s what that song is about.”” -Katelin Lovett 

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